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Anthropocene, distopias and escapism


Sens Sat Une Light: Crossing the electronic garbage stratosphere from control networks, we take off to topontologies hyperspaces post-virtual where the structuring of ontological landscapes blossoms catastrophes fertile of satellitelesses. We will orbit the horizon of events to the edge of he gray holes chaosmosegonies between parallel y tranversal universes in an affective thermodynamics to the ctonic transmutation humor functions aiming at intellectual sustainability through the chronofagy producing alterlative storms from advanced models of harmonic noisology applied to oniric-conceptual geology until the decantation of subjective flows in practicable hyperdimensionalities in serendipitous strategies of sociosemantic neuromancy, from where imaginary constellations entanglements and interestellar politics will appear, allowing for semi-particular linguistics while rebelling before coded empires, societies of symbols before stochastic hierarchies. Goethics against biocodification, we are the automata of fictitious-symbolic programmings, evolution of metanarratives in translögics, altlaws and exegesiologies. Cyborgs, let us reprogram ourselves!



The IV Internacional of is an extension of the MSST – Satelliteless Movement – such as the ones that took place in Nuvem in 2011 and 2013. At the moment when we redefine titles and institutions, we gather ourselves satellites for four days of talks and activities at the Nebulosa farm, in the municipality of Resende, RJ, between the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The meeting is a self-organized unconference.


Astronomic observation; autonomous cartographies; alchemy; aerial activism with drones or kites; satellite and radiocommunications monitoring; free radios; electronic garbage; tactical communications; synesthesia; tech handicraft; space culture and utopia, astrofuturismo, affection, sci-fi, movies, videos, performances, visual arts, ruidocracy; subjective infrastructures; triangles, natural, divine, mathematical or material, mind and mathematics; the duration, the flow, the intuition, technomagic, perspectivism, quantics, relativityl topographies, relations, magic, art, philosophy and mysticism; paradigm; political action, commons, chaos, automation; computation; technological appropriation; nomadism, device; profanation; truth, power, knowledge – subjectivity.


Sign up for the event using this form. Fill it up and send it before August 10th, 2015


The farm is located 27km from the city of Resende and only off-road cars and volkswagen beetles can reach it. Nuvem offers transportation of luggage from the closest bus stop, 2km from the farm, once a day. Participants can use public transportation or leave cars parked by the bus stop. Detailed instruction will be provided.

Nuvem can offer invitation letters to those who want to look for funding for transportation.

Resources, costs, lodging

The International is a self-organized event, without any external funding.

  • Participants will be lodged on a camping site. Nebulosa can offer a few tents, upon request, first-come, first-served.
  • We expect the farm to have internet connection by the time of the event.
  • Food will be purchased previously by the organization and costs will be split by the participants at the cost of 15 BRL per person, per day. Nourishment is vegetarian with animal produce such as milk, honey, eggs. Special items should be bought and brought by each person. The meals will be prepared collectively.


Nuvem – Estação rural de arte e tecnologia is an initiative that condenses desires, people, actions and thought, meant to host insurgencies from distinct areas of interest. We are looking for an autonomy that leads towards sustainability. This is not a merely technical autonomy – energy generation, communications, etc –, but it is related to all instances: environment, economy, society, culture, nourishment, health, body, territory. In a context where the cities become more and more unsustainable, we believe that a rural location is the most appropriate environment for these experiences.


August, 27th – 30th, 2015

Nuvem practices

Nuvem is a space for co-experimentation and collective construction. To be here you must perform the daily maintenance demands: cleaning and organizing, disposals management, meal preparation, and whatever else might be needed to support the local environment. Sustainable micro-demands must be supported.

Participants must have daily access to equipments, tools and common structure, and can make free use of them within basic work norms and always caring for the conservation of the common goods. Spaces and structures are collective, and must be shared between the presents during all activities.

Knowledge sharing

All material produced during the event, as well as the documentation, will be shared freely by the use of open licenses. Nuvem will publicize the resulting works online and through other communication actions. If you don’t want to have your images publicized, please let us know beforehand.


By registering, the attendee agrees to all terms of this call.



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