About Nuvem
Work lines
Research, experimentation and development of autonomous processes:

:: Ecology, agriculture, clean renewable energy, bioarchitecture, nourishment, health

:: Open technologies applied to body arts: dance, theater, performance, body art

:: Technologies applied to sciences and also to visual arts

:: Sharing the physical and virtual space: content networks, mapping, cartographies, on-line documentation

:: Reaching the local community through learning activities, in the artistic research processes and the creation of content on digital networks.
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Nuvem is an initiative to condense desires, people, actions and thoughts, dedicated to host insurgencies coming from distinct areas of interest.

We look for an autonomy that points towards a sustainability. This autonomy is not only technical - energy generation, communication networks, transportation - but also relative to many other spheres: environment, economy, society, culture, nourishment, health, body, territory. In a context where the cities become more and more unsustainable, we believe a rural setting is the most appropriate place for these experiences.