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ALCHEMY OF HEARTS _Crystal World Lab

As an artist, I have been part of the Crystal World Lab at Space from 17-21 July 2012. at the White Building.

Rose Quartz Healing Salts. A new product has been born. I tested them with an experienced and highly intuitive Crystal Healer, Gareth Hughes, without explaining the origin or process involved, and he was amazed by their high vibrational healing energy. He also commented that they have been through some form of transmutation in different stages (which he did not know about).

He said that they can be used for healing, when adding to water, or to a water filter to drink it. He added, that can help in healing stomach and bowel problems. Still to be proven.

Alchemy of Hearts An interactive healing installation by Katiushka Borges Techno-shamanism / Decrystallisation / Transmutation Copper – Rose Quartz Talisman Copper Cu Planet: Venus- Element: Water- Energy: Receptive- Powers: Energy Conductor, Direction, Balance, Healing, Love. Energy Centre: Heart Copper is healing for the mind, body and spirit. It has been used to amplify and transmit thought and healing energy. Copper has been used with stones and crystals to create a unique balance of energy. Copper is one of the seven metals of alchemy, a symbol of the soul.

Rose Quartz SiO2 Planet: Venus- Element: Water- Energy: Receptive- Powers: Draws off negative energy, Purifies and opens the heart, Healing, Love. Energy Centre: Heart

Rose quartz is a well known gemstone for healing and promoting self love. Crystals have a spirit which connects with the person. It draws you into it.

I extracted copper from computer boards and waste. The great connector!

Then, crushed raw rose quartz stone to place them together into a crucible. In the mix was hematite powder. Although Quartz melts at 1700 C, it looses its colour between 600 and 800 C, and gives copper a pink-reddish tint.

Heat to 1100 C for half an hour, for copper to melt and for quartz to be poured together.

During the alchemical process, Native American and Mexican Nahual, and Huichol 5000 year healing traditions, where used through the transmutation.

Crystallisation and decrystallisation of rose quartz, sea water from Isle of Wight and Ferrous Sulphate.

Heat, and left to rest to form crystals on raw rose quartz.

Crystallisation and decrystallisation of rose quartz, water from Hackney Wick canal and Copper Sulphate.

Heat, and left to rest to form crystals on raw rose quartz.

The result of the final process of extracting the healing spirit of the Rose Quartz to transmute and to heal. This process, was based and inspired in John Reid's experiment of extracting the oil from Rose Quartz. Oil of Rose Quartz extracted via the Alkahest of the Vegetable Kingdom:

I changed a few steps in the process, guiding myself to find a way to shorten the time suggested (several weeks) into a couple of days. I was not interested in extracting the oil, but in creating a process of transmutation to extract the spirit for healing. I placed Rose Quartz Crystal Raw in crucible at 650 C twice for one hour each. Poured into distilled water. You can see the difference of colour as it turned white.

Then the quartz was already white and easily crushed with the hands. I placed it in mortar and crushed to almost sand. Then put it in a Flask and in the oven at 200 C for an hour, then washed all impurities with distilled water and placed again in the microwave, this time for a minute.

Then, I added 10 ml of rain water and 5 ml of water from a Sacred fountain in Bhutan to the powdered quartz.

Took the flask and its content to boil on water 'baine marie' for another hour until water had evaporated. Took it out to dry in the sun for 15 minutes. Then the result looked like quartz powdered salts. Placed them in a Petri Glass (in the form of quartz salts). After an all night fire ceremony, dew became part of these quartz salts. Chanting from Mexican Huichol Shaman, as well as purification and medicine mantras from Tibetan Buddhism, became part of the transmutation of the final product: Rose Quartz Healing Salts. A new product has been born. Alchemy of hearts An interactive healing installation by Katiushka Borges. 1. Place your hands on the hemisphere. Take a deep breathe. Inhale through nose counting to 9 and exhale through the mouth counting to 9 (4 times). 2. Open your heart to connect. 3. Receive the healing power of the crystal circle and Copper - Rose Quartz Talisman and transmuted rose quartz crystals.

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