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III International of the MSST (Movimento dos Sem Satélites)
20-24 June 2013 @ Spacelab, nuvem.tk, Resende-RJ, Brasil
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The III International meeting of the MSST (Movement of People without Satellites) will take place at Nuvem (Brasil) from the 20th to the 24th of June 2013.
The meeting is concerned with the reappropriation of Outer Space, amplifying the debate around micro and macro space technologies and imaginaries. It will constitute a laboratory for the sharing of experiences and the investigation of technological, spatial and territorial autonomy, political and economic implications, the relations with extraterrestrials, the appropriation of space by the people and for the people, science fiction and the worlds of the cosmos.

We welcome participation from interested individuals or groups in the form of activities, workshops, talks or presentations. A small production budget is available for production of projects.

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Nuvem - Rural Station for Art and Technology - is situated in a natural setting in the area of Resende, two and a half hours from Rio de Janeiro. The relatively isolated location permits good observation of the skies and the possibility of launching small devices.

We offer lodging, food and transport inside Brasil to all participants. Non-Brasilians will need to pay their own travel costs, however we can provide an invitation letter. We have a small house for lodging and space for camping. Spaces will be allocated in order of arrival. The preparation of the 3 daily meals, as well as maintenance of the place and organisation of the schedule is the responsibility of the participants and the assembly. A wiki will be available to support the coordination and documentation.

We would like the meeting to generate a distributed network of investigations, debates, medias and organic collaborative synthetics, so we are also interested in remote participations in the form of texts, videos or other materials to be shared.

Some possible themes, skills and contributions could be :

Astronomical observation, autonomous cartographies, alchemy, aerial balloon activism, drones or helicopters, monitoring of satellite and radiocommunciations, free software and hardware, visualisation of space, space craft, free radio, electronic waste, tactical communication, diy, diwo, space cultures and utopias, afrofuturism, feminism and micropolitics, science fiction, art, noiseocracy and sound, subjective infrastructures, quantum and space physics

If you have a telescope, please bring it!


To take part please fill in form below:

Submission form

If you have a proposal please include a brief description, the materials you require and the manner of operating. It would be good to include links and fotos.


The event is part of an ever widening worldwide movement of artists, investigators and hackers who, developing and sharing their investigations, are creating a global space commons. You can find more information on the MSST and other groups in the links below :

Mandatory reading:

Devolts -  http://devolts.org/msst
O Primeiro Yupana Kernel - http://devolts.org/hotglue/?esu
Orbitando Satélites - http://wiki.plataformacero.cc/index.php/Orbitando_Satelites
O Grande Cosmonauta Temporal Yupana Kernel http://devolts.org/kernelpanic/
El manual Orbitando Satélites http://bogotadeclaration.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/os_manual_lowres.pdf
modificación de dna para space travel http://technoccult.net/archives/2013/01/10/genesis-breyer-p-orridge-interviewed-by-technoccult-part-2-pandrogeny/
Xenogenesis http://biology.kenyon.edu/slonc/books/butler1.html
Panspermia DeVolts http://devolts.org/hotglue/?panspermia
Trevor Paglen http://creativetime.org/projects/the-last-pictures/
Open Source Satellite Initiative http://opensat.cc/about.html
O Antigo Testamento http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alquimia
Reni Hoefmuller & amigxs http://sat.mur.at/
O Grande Alquimista Espacial Yupana Kernel http://yupana.pontaodaeco.org/
Hacker Space Program http://events.ccc.de/camp/2011/wiki/Call_for_Space_Program#Space_program_of_the_Hacker_Scene
African Space Research Agency http://ugandanway.com/
Palestinian Space Agency http://www.palestinian-space-agency.org/
Primero manifiesto MSST http://devolts.org/msst/?page_id=119
Asociación de Astronautas Autónomos http://www.ain23.com/topy.net/kiaosfera/contracultura/aaa/index.htm
Colectivo Espacial Mexicano http://www.ulises1.mx/Ulises_1/Inicio.html
Tese sobre Cultura Espacial http://catahistorias.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/na-busca-da-cultura-espacial-web.pdf

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